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Laboratory Director

DRDO Chair Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

FNAE, FRSC, FRAeS, FAScT, FASME, FInstP, AF-AIAA, DST Swarnajayanti Fellow


Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 2007
MS, University of Connecticut, 2004
BE, Jadavpur University, 2000

Research interest

Multiphase transport processes. Atomization and sprays, Micro-nanoscale transport in droplets, Combustion

Lab Manager


Chaitra Arakesh

Lab Manager

Contact details:

Current Post-doctoral Fellows

Kush_photo_new - Copy.jpg

Dr. Kush K. Dewangan

National-Post Doctoral Fellow (N-PDF)

Research Interest: Flash Evaporation, Phase Transition, Compressible Two-Phase Flow, Natural CirculationLoop

Current Ph.D Students


Durbar Roy

Ph.D student (ME Dept.)

Research Interest:Physics, Computational Science and Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Thermofluidics and Mathematical modelling of physical systems


Gautham V.

Ph.D student (ME Dept.)

Research Interest: Droplet Combustion, Nanofuels


Amey Agarkar

Ph.D student (PMRF at ICER Dept.)

Research Interest: Elucidation of fluid dynamics of bacterial movements in natural body fluids and its relation to pathogenesis.


Joita Chakorbarty

Ph.D. student (PMRF at ME Dept.)

Research Interest: Multiphase flows, Hydrodynamic Instability, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Thin-film flows.


Akhil Aravind

Ph.D student (PMRF at ME Dept.)

Research Interest -  Droplet and Spray Combustion, Flames, Multiphase flows, Aerodynamics


Darshan Rathod

Ph.D student (PMRF at ICER Dept.)

Research Interest: Combustion and Spray


Ph.D student (ME Dept.)

download (1).png

Bhavin Rathod

Ph.D student (ME Dept.)

Guide: Prof. Aloke Kumar
Co-guide: Prof. Saptarshi Basu

Research Interest: Droplet evaporation of polymeric fluids, Pattern formation in polymeric droplets


Bal Krishan

Ph.D. student (ME Dept.)

Research Interest: Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer Gas Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Statistical Physics and Molecular Dynamics.


Shubham Sharma

Ph.D student (ME Dept.)

Research Interest: Multiphase flow interactions, Atomisation mechanisms, Compressible flows, Microscale droplet dynamics, Fluid dynamics relevant to COVID-19 transmission.


Siddhant Jain

Ph.D. student (PMRF at ME Dept.)

Research Interest: Fluid dynamics, Vortex rings, Multiphase flow interactions, Bluff body aerodynamics, Wind Energy.


Abdur Rasheed

Ph.D student (ME Dept.)

Research Interest: Biofluid droplet evaporation, microscale flow phenomena, bio-fluid precipitation, and pattern formation.

Thirumalaikumaran S K.jpg

Thirumalaikumaran S K

Ph.D student (ME Dept.)

Research Interest: Droplet Combustion, Vortex-Flame Interaction, Nano fuels, Spray Combustion

download (1).png

Rampada Rana

Ph.D student (ME Dept.) ERP


Saini Jatin Rao

Ph.D student (ME Dept.)

Research Interest -  Fluid Mechanics, Physics, Droplet dynamics, Hydrodynamic Instability, Turbulence

Current Project Staffs

download (1).png

Sophia M.

P.A at ME Dept.

Research Interest: Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, and physics.


Nivedita Tiwari


Research Interest: Fluid Mechanics, Microfluidics, Plasma based Propulsion


Prithiviraajan R N

P.A at ME Dept.

Research Interest: Heat Transfer, Thermal management system, Multiphysics modeling and simulation

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