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Lab Alumni 

Ph.D. Students (Now in Academia)

1) Deepu P [Doctor of Philosophy, Prof. K.V Subba Rao Medal for Best Ph.D. Thesis/Dissertation in ME] - Assistant Professor, IIT-Patna
2) Ankur Miglani [Doctor of Philosophy, Prof. K.V Subba Rao Medal for Best Ph.D. Thesis/Dissertation in ME] -Assistant Professor, IIT-Indore
3) R. Santhosh [Doctor of Philosophy]- Assistant Professor, IIT-BHU 
4) Binita Pathak [Doctor of Philosophy, Prof. K.V Subba Rao Medal for Best Ph.D. Thesis/Dissertation in ME]- Assistant Professor, IIT-BHU
5) Lalit Bansal [Doctor of Philosophy]- Assistant Professor, VIT-Vellore, India
6) Abhishek Saha [Doctor of Philosophy]- Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California San Diego; Best PhD Thesis Award in UCF.
7)  S Advaith [Doctor of Philosophy
] -Assistant Professor, IIT-Madras

Ph.D. Students (Now in Industry)
7) Apratim Sanyal [Doctor of Philosophy, Prof. K.V Subba Rao Medal for Best Ph.D. Thesis/Dissertation in ME] - Staff Engineer, Western Digital Corporation, Bangalore
8) S. Basha [Doctor of Philosophy]Scientist F at ISRO

Ph.D. Students (Currently pursuing post-doc)
9) R. Kuppuraj [Doctor of Philosophy, 
Winner Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) Innovative Thesis Award at Doctoral level] - Post-Doc, University of Cambridge, UK
10) P. Kabi [Doctor of Philosophy] Post Doc, University College London, UK)
11) Khushboo Pandey [Doctor of Philosophy,
 ICER], Institute Medal for Best PhD Thesis, Post Doc, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
12) S. Advaith [Doctor of Philosophy] Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Nottingham
13) Uyi Idahosa [Doctor of Philosophy]: GE Leadership Staff, USA
14) Omkar Hegde [Doctor of Philosophy] Post Doctoral Research Associate,
Brandies University USA.

M.Tech students (by research)
1.  Keshav Pandey

2. Dilip Sanadi, Currently a Ph.D. student in CNRS-CORIA

3. Binita Pathak, Assistant Professor, IIT-BHU

M.Tech students (by Course)

1. P. Gaikwad,  Assistant Professor, Sharda University, Delhi

2. Santanu Mishra, Edison Research Engineer, GE  India Research Laboratory

3. Abhishek Awachat, CFD Engineer, Time Tooth Technologies

4. D.Vikas 

5. V. Razdan, Engineer at Mahindra Electric

6. Akash Kumar Munjani 

7.  Durgesh Sarma, Currently Research Engineer, Mercedes Benz Research, Bangalore

8. Lijun Raju, Currently a Ph.D. student, POF Group, University of Twente [under Prof. D. Lohse]

Post Doctoral Research Associates

1) Manu KV, Currently Assistant Professor, IIST-Trivandrum

2) R. Anandalakshmi, Currently Assistant Professor at IIT-Guwahati

3) H. Maity, Assistant Professor, Vivekananda College, Naihati

4) Subhankar Chakraborty, Currently Assistant Professor, IIIT-Kancheepuram

5) Atmadeep Bhattacharya, Post Doc at Aalto University 

6) Chaitanya Rao [PhD, IITKgp], August 2018-March, 2021, Assistan Prof.essor, IIT kanpur

7) M.C Keerthi, Currently Assistant Professor, IIT-Dharwad

8) Ankur Chattopadhyay, Post Doc at Aalto University

9) Omkar Hegde, Post Doc at Brandeis University, USA. 

10) Awanish Pratap Singh, Post Doc at University of Lubeck, Germany

11) Sreeparna Majee, Post Doc at University of Colorado, USA.

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