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Our work on 'Washing with Vortices' included in PRF Year in Review video!

Our work titled "Vortical Cleaning of Oil-impregnated Porous Surface" that also featured in Physics magazine, has been included in the...

24 January 2024

Our work on Bubble Inflation highlighted by FY!FD

Link: Authors: Saini Jatin Rao, Siddhant Jain, Saptarshi Basu

24 January 2024

Best poster award!

Saini Jatin Rao, PhD student at our lab was awarded the best poster award for his work titled "Dispersion Size Measurement in Multiphase...

20 December 2023

New paper in JFM!

Title: Insights into the flame transitions and flame stabilization mechanisms in a freely falling burning droplet encountering a co-flow...

20 December 2023

Thesis defended!

Gannena K.S. Raghuram a joint student of Prof. Saptarshi Basu and Prof. Aloke Kumar defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations and good...

20 December 2023

Patent Granted!

Title: Miniature Shock Tube for Impact Analysis of Material Inventors: Shubham Sharma, Aloke Kumar, Saptarshi Basu. Patent no. : 480132

18 December 2023

Paper published in Soft Matter!

Title: Observations on phenomenological changes in Klebsiella Pneumoniae under fludic stresses Authors: Siddhant Jain, Anmol Singh,...

17 November 2023

Patent Granted!

Title: Laser based System for Studying Adsorption Kinetics of Adsorbent and Adsorbate Pair Patent No.: 468537 Inventors: Basu group

17 November 2023

Congratulations Khushboo Pandey!

Khushboo Pandey, an ex-PhD student has joined as a tenure track faculty at the Institute of Multiscale Thermo-fluids, School of...

6 November 2023

Congratulations Abdur!

Abdur Rasheed, PhD student won second prize in Nanoscientific Symposium Asia 2023. He worked on bacterial survivability and virulence in...

6 November 2023

Congratulations Ankur Miglani!

Ankur Miglani an ex-PhD student has been promoted to Associate professor at IIT Indore. Google Scholar link:

6 November 2023

Collaboration with Nabhdrishti!

We are excited to collaborate with Nabhdrishti Aerospace Private Limited for the development and testing of clean tech combustors!...

25 October 2023

New paper in JFM!

Title: Shock-induced atomisation of a liquid metal droplet Authors: Shubham Sharma, Navin Kumar Chandra, Aloke Kumar, Saptarshi Basu...

29 September 2023

Talk at UCL and Cambridge

Prof. Saptarshi Basu recently gave a talk at University College London and Cambridge University on "Journey of Droplet through various...

6 September 2023

Congratulations Shubham!

Shubham Sharma will be joining Professor Joseph Kat'z group at John Hopkins University as a Post-Doctoral researcher. Congratulations to...

22 August 2023

Work Covered by French Magazine!

Our recent work on 'Vortical cleaning' covered by the French Magazine 'Epsiloon'. Have a look at the art below:

28 July 2023

New Patent Issued!

Title: A Fuel Atomizer for a Gas Turbine Engine Patent no.: 436387

28 July 2023

New Patent Filed!

Title: A Method and Apparatus for Measuring Geometric Characteristics of Particles Inventors: Jatin Rao Saini, Shubham Sharma, Cameron...

28 July 2023

Our recent work on JFM front cover!

One of our recent works titled 'Shock-induced aerobreakup of a polymeric droplet' has been selected as the front cover article in JFM....

15 July 2023

Our work on Vortical Cleaning highlighted by FY!FD

Our recent work titled 'Vortical cleaning of oil-impregnated porous surfaces' has been highlighted by 'FY! Fluid Dynamics'as 'Washing...

23 June 2023

Paper Published in JFM!

TITLE: Shock-induced aerobreakup of a polymeric droplet TEAM: Navin Kumar Chandra, Shubham Sharma, Saptarshi Basu and Aloke Kumar Paper...

11 June 2023

Fluid-Fluid and Fluid-Soft Matter Interaction

The European Physical Journal Special Topics: Fluid-Fluid and Fluid-Soft Matter Interaction guest edited by Prof. Saptarshi Basu and...

24 May 2023

Patent filed!

We have filed a patent titled "Depth from Defocus (DFD) technique for calibration-free particle size estimation" Team: Saini Jatin Rao,...

24 May 2023

Spectacular voyage of droplets: Gas turbines to SARS-CoV-2

The IJMF spotlight seminar by Prof. Saptarshi Basu is now published online. Have a look:

26 April 2023

Paper published in iScience!

Title: phoP maintains the environmental persistence and virulence of pathogenic bacteria in mechanically stressed desiccated droplets...

19 April 2023

Patent Granted!

Title: Storage of Thermal Energy Inventors: Saptarshi Basu, Dipti Ranjan Parida, Nikhil Dani Congratulations to the team!

19 April 2023

"Washing with Vortices" - Featured in Physics Magazine!

Our recent work selected as Editor's suggestion in Physical Review Fluids (PRF) "Vortical cleaning of oil-impregnated porous surfaces" is...

19 April 2023

Our work featured on the IISc website!

Our recent work "Effects of oscillating gas-phase flow on an evaporating multicomponent droplet" published in JFM has been highlighted on...

1 April 2023

Paper selected as Editor's suggestion in PRF!

Our recent work titled "Vortical cleaning of oil-impregnated porous surfaces" has been selected as Editor's suggestion in Physical Review...

1 April 2023

Paper published in Experiments in Fluids (EXIF)!

Title: Depth from defocus technique applied to unsteady shock-drop secondary atomization Authors: Shubham Sharma, Saini Jatin Rao, Navin...

1 April 2023

Jatin Rao (Ph.D. candidate) receives the Prestigious PMRF fellowship

Jatin Rao (Ph.D. candidate) received the Prestigious PMRF fellowship. Best of luck to him in his future endeavors.

1 April 2023

Thesis Defense!

Congratulations to Dipti Ranjan Parida for defending his Ph.D. thesis on Thermal energy storage. Good luck for his future endeavors.

11 March 2023

Book chapter accepted!

Our collaborative book chapter titled "Modeling airborne disease dynamics: progress and questions" is now accepted for publication in the...

11 March 2023

Paper accepted in Physical Review Fluids (PRF)!

Title: Vortical Cleaning of Oil-impregnated Porous Surfaces Team: Siddhant Jain, Shubham Sharma, Durbar Roy, Saptarshi Basu...

11 March 2023

Paper Accepted in iScience (cell press)

Title: The mechanical stress-induced catastrophic consequences on desiccated bacterial droplets control the environmental persistence and...

11 March 2023

Patent Granted!

Title: A Diffuser for a Single Tank Thermal Energy Storage System Inventors: Saptarshi Basu, Dipti Ranjan Parida, S. Advaith...

11 March 2023

Selection in editorial board!

Congratulations Prof. Saptarshi Basu for getting selected as an editorial board member of the journal Interfacial Phenomena and Heat...

26 January 2023

Paper accepted in JFM!

Title: Effects of Oscillating Gas-Phase Flow on an Evaporating Multicomponent Droplet Team: Sreeparna Majee et al.

6 January 2023

Paper accepted in JFM!

TITLE: On the mechanics of droplet surface crater during impact on immiscible viscous liquid pool TEAM: Durbar Roy, Sophia M, and...

16 December 2022

IJMF Spotlight Seminar (spectacular voyage of droplets) to be published in Science Talks

The IJMF (International Journal of Multiphase Flow) Spotlight Seminar [spectacular voyage of droplets] delivered on 5 October 2021 by...

16 December 2022

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