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Upcoming seminar by Prof. Basu at University of Connecticut

Upcoming seminar at Prof. Basu's alma mater; department of mechanical engineering, University of Connecticut, Storrs. Time: November 19th, 2.30 pm EST


Droplets: An account of transport processes across multiple Spatio-temporal scales

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Abstract: I will provide an account of the interesting dynamics exhibited by droplets at multiple lengths and time scales in completely different domains, namely gas turbines and COVID-19. In the first part of my talk, I will provide some insights into the dynamics of spray-swirl interaction with a particular focus on droplet transport, breakup, and dispersion. I will show how the fundamental insights gained through such interactions can be used to design a new class of atomizers in gas turbines. In the second part of my talk, I will discuss how the spread of COVID can happen through respiratory droplets and fomites. This part will provide a detailed exposition of how respiratory droplet dynamics can be combined with a pandemic model to provide first principle insights into infection spread rates. We will show through experiments using surrogate fluids how such models can be experimentally verified rigorously. Subsequently, I will show how fomites form and how the virions are embedded in the crystal network using both contact-free as well as sessile droplets.

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