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Paper published in Experiments in Fluids (EXIF)!

Title: Depth from defocus technique applied to unsteady shock-drop secondary atomization

Authors: Shubham Sharma, Saini Jatin Rao, Navin Kumar Chandra, Aloke Kumar, Saptarshi Basu & Cameron Tropea

Congratulations to the team!

Abstract: The two-sensor depth from defocus technique for the measurement of drop sizes in a spray is further developed to achieve higher spatial and temporal resolution, to improve estimates of spatial size distribution and number concentration, and to provide additional guidelines for the calibration and design of the optical system for a specific application. The technique and these improvements are demonstrated using the case of secondary atomization when a shock wave interacts with a single drop. This is an application in which both high spatially and temporally resolved number density and size distributions of secondary droplets generated in the wake of the original drop are necessary.

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