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New work published in JCIS!

Our recent work on weather related effects on bacterial physiology led by Abdur is now published in JCIS.

Title: Weather-related changes in the dehydration of respiratory droplets on surfaces bolster bacterial endurance

Authors: Abdur Rasheed, Kirti Parmar, Siddhant Jain, Dipshikha Chakravortty, Saptarshi Basu

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Congratulation Abdur!

Abdur Rasheed will be joining Professor David Brutin's group at Aix Marseille University, France as a Post-Doctoral researcher. Congratulations to him and good luck for his future endeavors!

New work in EXIF!

Our work titled "Insights into bubble–droplet interactions in high-viscoelastic evaporating polymer droplets" is now published in Experiments in Fluids. Authors: Gannena K. S. Raghuram, Durbar Roy, D.


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