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Ph.D. Student

Mechanical Enginnering Department,

IISc Bengaluru

Research Interest: 

Multiphysics modeling and simulation. Electrothermal, thermofluid, fluid structure interaction.​ Energy storage and harvesting system. Pattern reorganization Data-driven discovery, Machine learning


Dipti is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and works with Professor Saptarshi Basu on sensible heat thermal energy storage systems for high temperature concentrated solar power plant application. His research is focused on developing a molten salt thermocline-based thermal energy storage system. Previously Dipti earned his degree from IIT Bhubaneswar in 2017 working on cathode inserts for aluminum reduction cells funded by TATA International Limited; included in this was the stability and productivity enhancement of the reduction cell through reduced cathode voltage drop.

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