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Email Id -

Ph.D. Student

ICER Department,

IISc Bengaluru

Research Interest: 

Atomization and Spray, Spray Combustion, Swirl Flow, Solar Thermal Energy Storage


Hi! I am Sonu Kumar, a Ph.D. student at ICER department, Indian Institute of Science.  Currently, I am working with Prof Saptarshi Basu to develop a new class of high shear injectors for gas turbine combustion engines.

I have completed my master’s degree from the Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy, IIT Roorkee, in 2016. My master’s research involved the design and development of latent heat solar thermal energy storage. My research interests involve investigating the various phenomena/ mechanism of spray and combustion; swirl-flow using laser-based optical diagnostics and high-speed imaging.

In addition to research, I play badminton, Tennis, do running and swimming.

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