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Vapor Mediated Interaction in Droplets

Vapor mediated control of microscale flow in sessile droplets, Physics of Fluids 30, 122103 (2018).

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Controlling self-assembly and buckling in nanofluid droplets through vapor-mediated interaction of adjacent droplets, JCIS (2019).


Enhancement of mixing in a viscous, non-volatile droplet using a contact-free vapor-mediated interaction, PCCP (2020).

Universal spatio-topological control of crystallization in sessile droplets using non-intrusive vapor mediation, Physics of Fluids 33, 012101 (2021).


Spatio-temporal modulation of self-assembled central aggregates of buoyant colloids in sessile droplets using vapor-mediated interactions, JCIS (2021).



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Cooperative evaporation in two-dimensional droplet array, Phys. Rev. E 101, 043101 (2020).
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.101.043101



Moses Effect: Splitting a Sessile Droplet Using a Vapor-Mediated Marangoni Effect Leading to Designer Surface Patterns, Langmuir,36, 5, 1279–1287 (2020).


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