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Phone - +91-8765785438

Project Associate

Department of Mechanical Engineering,

IISc Bengaluru

Research Interest:  Aerodynamics, Gas Dynamics, Supersonic flows, Supercritical flows, Laser Diagnostics

Description: Greetings! This is Karishma Bharti. I have completed my M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from IISc Bangalore. I was part of the Laboratory for Hypersonic and Shock Wave Research (LHSR). My master's thesis title was "Experimental Investigation on the Effect of the Lobe Number of an ESTS Lobed Nozzle in a Supersonic Ejector." The work was experimental; I worked on Supersonic Ejector, where I dealt with different shapes of ESTS lobed nozzles to infer the effect of nozzles by analyzing performance in terms of Entrainment Ratio (ER), Compression Ratio (CR), and non-mixed length.

Role in present Lab

Currently, my position is Project Associate. I joined Prof Saptarshi Basu on Dec 1, 2021, handling the work of the supercritical water rig, which is an optically accessible supercritical steam test loop.

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